Locals Get Down and Dirty

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EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands gathered at Mount Pisgah early Saturday morning to get down and dirty for the first ever Dirty Dash in Eugene.

Event organizers said the Dirty Dash is both a test of one’s athleticism as well as just a whole lot of fun. This is the event’s first year in Eugene and more than 5,000 people showed up to take on the challenge.

They went in waves, willingly into the mess before them. They rolled in mud, climbed over walls and pipes and hopped through tires. While the course is filled with obstacles, organizers said it’s not about getting through them.

Race Director John Malfatto said, “It’s not about being hardcore, but it’s not an easy race. So we tell people, ‘Hey, walk some. Wallow in the mud a little.’ We even have a beer chug in the middle of the race.”

Yes, he did say beer chug. This was clearly not your average race.

“It’s different than a normal race, because everyone’s just having a blast and being crazy and they don’t care what place they come in,” said Dirty Dasher Kelly Simons.

And it wasn’t all about winning either.

“It’s more about having a good time with your friends than getting a personal record or anything like that,” said Malfatto.

The coolest costumes were also a welcomed sight. Dirty Dasher Andrew Mosier said, “My sister picked it up at Value Village and figured I was crazy enough to wear it. I had to make a few modifications to make it fit, but it looks good right?”

Neat names were also a part of it all, but most importantly, organizers wanted folks to walk away with the best experience possible.

Malfatto said, “It’s been pretty crazy here, but we’re hoping people think it’s worth it.”

Dirty Dasher Thomas Broadbent said, “I feel great, a little tipsy.”

Sparkly Ninjas’ Ida Hardin said, “It’s a lot of fun. I mean there’s a great team atmosphere.”

“I felt five years old again. We’ve gotten a few weird looks, but it’s been a good time. It’s been a good day,” said Simons.

Whether it was the beer or the challenge, everyone was it in for the good time.

If you missed out Saturday, event organizers said they’ll be back next year and for two days. If you can’t wait till then, they’ll be in Tacoma in just two weeks, but be sure to sign up soon. Event organizers say they plan on selling out by the end of the week.

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