Locals Walk for HIV Awareness

May 19, 2012

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — The HIV Alliance held its 26th annual walk Saturday under a new name.

For years, the old name, The RiverWalk, made sense since participants walked along the river. But event organizers said they were in need of a name that didn’t just say what, but but why too.

The HIV Alliance works to raise awareness about the issue within the community. They believe by putting their mission in the name, they could do that more clearly and effectively.

Saturday’s event was packed full of activities, including a memory wall where participants wrote their reasons for walking that morning.

Event organizer Shalane Wilson said, “Putting the mission inside of the title gives everyone the main idea and focus. It really unites everybody around the same cause.”

About 250 people showed up to take part in the walk.

Executive Director Diane Lang emphasized the importance of a fundraising event like this especially now.

Lang said as of this year, 29 of 36 counties will lose all of their HIV prevention work funding.

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