Log Truck Looses Load Closing HWY 126

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WALTERVILLE, Ore. — A crash on highway 126 Tuesday sent the driver of a log truck to the hospital. The road was shut down for hours  as crews cleaned up the mess.

Just after 10 a.m. the highway was closed as five different agencies worked to clear the chaos caused by an overturned logging truck.

“I stepped out on my front porch and I heard the sound of metal scrapping against the asphalt. I looked down this way and I seen the tires facing me and the truck grab traction, roll back over on its tires and I seen the truck driver’s head go through the driver side window,” said witness Chris Meyers.

Witnesses of Tuesday’s crash could only imagine what happened to the man behind the wheel.

“I was just praying that the driver was ok,” Meyers said.

“The whole house shook, logs and stuff and pieces of road and stuff in my yard that I moved,” said witness Steve Robertson.

The highway itself was another issue. Traffic backed up for at least three miles in each direction as crews worked for hours to clean up the mess.

“We were dispatched to a logging truck on its side and when we showed up it was upright blocking cedar flats and its whole load on the road and it had knocked out some power lines in the process,” said Darren Bucich, McKenzie Fire Department.

Investigators continue to look into what exactly caused the crash, but some residents say the answer is obvious.

“I knew exactly that the truck came around that corner way too fast and went off the road. I stand right here with my daughter every morning and I watch the log trucks coming up from that way every day,” Robertson said.

“When you’re driving, take care. Watch out for other drivers and that way you can make it to your destination as best as you can,” Meyers said.
The road was cleared and the power restored by 1 p.m.

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