Students Learn Logs to Lumber Lesson

ALBANY, Ore.– Students at West Albany High School had their lesson outdoors Wednesday where they got hands on experience working with wood donated by local companies and the community. The Sawing for Schools program has been going on for five years.

Industrial arts students learned how to turn logs into lumber. Justin McMinds, owner of Logs to Lumber explained the process.

“Take a round log, square it up and take inch and quarter slacks out of it so after it’s dried they can get a good ¾ inch board,” says McMinds.

Students say the hands on experience is a fun way to learn.

“It’s fun out here. I’m more of a hands on kind of person so it’s more of how I learn,” says sophomore Richard Bird.

This year’s logs have been donated by the Albany City Parks, Albany resident Dick Clark (who donated a large Oregon oak that toppled in his yard) and Milt Moran, the director for Sales and Logging Operations for Cascade Timber Consulting of Sweet Home. The Kenagy Family Farm stored many of the logs and delivering the wood to the schools. Logs to Lumber also donated maple from Cascade Timber Consultants and provided equipment.

The community’s efforts allowed students to learn how to mill wood, an important part of Oregon’s economy. The lumber will be trucked to Oregon State University where it will be kiln dried. Then it will be returned to the school for students to use.

Students say the experience wasn’t only a valuable lesson in woodworking, but also in life.

“It’s a really good experience. Makes you realize life isn’t easy, it’s a lot of hard work from here on out,” said senior Brendan Richmond.

Students at South Albany High School will also get their hands on experience on Thursday.

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