London Valley Fog Part 2?

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Justin’s Thursday Night Forecast Discussion: 

So, even though it appears we picked up a few hundredths of an inch of rain early today, we’ll end up as the third driest January on record! We’ve only picked up 1.35″ of rain, oceans less than the 6. 87″ which is the average for January. Keep in mind the records go back to the 1800s so this is a historically dry start to 2013.

The ridge of high pressure is on the move and will settle inland for most of the weekend forecast. While that means a return to sunny afternoons for both the coast and mountains (and warmer afternoons back into the 50s), the warm air aloft will likely set up another inland surface inversion. Here in the Willamette valley we may see more dense fog set up for both tomorrow and Saturday as the cold air becomes trapped near the surface and thus the low clouds keep the valley under a “London-like” fog.  Staying positive though, we should be able to get some partly sunny skies by the weekend with highs holding in the mid to upper 40s.

By Sunday, a smaller storm should clean out some of the dense valley fog and additional storms line up to bring rain chances back into the picture by next Wednesday.

Have a great Friday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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