Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Shortened

EUGENE, Ore. — In February, Congress passed an extension that provided special long-term unemployment benefits.

The extension listed four tiers of unemployment. If you are part of the fourth tier, it means you’ve been unemployed the longest.

Those folks were given 16 extra weeks of benefits. But now, lawmakers are saying anyone added to tier 4 will only get a six-week extension.

The Oregon Employment Department says about 50 people in Lane County will be affected by this and lose their benefits sooner than planned.

“We’re reaching out here at WorkSource Lane to all of our exhaustees. So anyone that’s coming to the end of their benefits, we’re calling or connecting either through an email or a notification of what jobs they might be matched with,” said Julie Davidson, Assistant Manager at WorkSource Lane.

Davidson says people running out of benefits are under a lot of pressure, and the best thing they can do is work together to get that person employed.

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