Looking Like Summer!

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion:  

Day two of severe weather is ripping across the east coast, although not as extensive as yesterday. You can find out about storms occuring now or info on the strength of the tornadoes from Tuesday here and then click on the area of the country:  http://www.weather.gov/

As for the Pacific Northwest, we’re about to see an unusually warm stretch of weather for this time of year. In part, because of the huge dip in the jetstream over the Eastern US, we’re seeing a huge ridge of high pressure develop over the NW. That’s how it usually happens, one side of the jetstream dips across the country, the other side rises, like a rope. Highs today jumped some ten degrees above average, well into the mid 70s.

Even warmer than that going into Wednesday and Thursday. A strong offshore flow along with VERY warm air aloft that’ll mix down to the surface may push highs to the mid 80s for valley, 70s along the coast, and near 90 in the Umpqua! In fact, Eugene will likely see a new record Wednesday with the current record of 81 set in 2004, I don’t think we’ll have much trouble being warmer than that.

Highs stay summer-like through Thursday, then Friday, an approaching low switches winds to an onshore flow. That’ll cool things down considerably into the mid 70s inland and back into the low 60s at the coast.  By the weekend, the high breaks down and cooler, Pacific air will knock temps back down into the low 60s by Sunday. We will also likely see some light showers move back in on Sunday and through early next week.

Have a great Tuesday night!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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