Loved Ones Remember Teen Crash Victim

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SWEET HOME, Ore. — A night of remembrance as friends and family reflected on the life of a 16-year-old killed in a weekend crash.

“It was a tragedy and it’s really hard, but she deserves all this. She was truly an amazing person,” said Sierra Cuevas.

Dozens stood together in the cold, lit by the flickering flames and shared stories of Caroline Huss.

“She was the most fun and amazing person you could ever meet,” said Karlee Long, Caroline’s friend.

“She was like the best person ever,” said Vanessa Wodtli, Caroline’s friend. “She was funny and so nice to everyone. She was just awesome.”

Part of those bonds were forged where this vigil was held, on the soccer field.

“She just loved soccer as her favorite sport,” said Long. “She loved to be active and out and doing something and keep herself busy.”

Friends say Caroline connected with people through her engaging personality and a wide smile.

“She was hilarious. She was very funny,” said Cuevas. “She was lovely. She was very caring and a very good person to everybody.”

The soccer coach says he will urge the school district to honor Caroline’s memory by allowing the team to wear her number.

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  1. Lisa Cuevas says:

    We would like to give a big thank you to Brian and rhoda who came to our town each and did everything they could to let people know the beautiful, sweet, funny and amazing girl Caroline was and still is !! Their focus was Caroline not a news story and that was very important to everyone. When tragedies like this happen people tend to focus on just that “the tragedy” though it was only one instance in the persons life but was not who the person was. You showed that the accident was just that “an accident” and focused on the true blessing Caroline the person,,,Thank you both for telling everyone who Caroline is….Our Angel!

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