Low Demand for Hawaii Bowl

CORVALLIS, Ore. — With these cold temperatures outside, vacationing in Hawaii might sound nice right now, especially since the Oregon State Beavers are playing there in just a few weeks in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.

But travel agents in Corvallis say the demand for travel packages is lower than usual this year. They say it could be because of the high cost or that the game is on Christmas Eve.

“It’s been kind of the perfect storm,” said Brad Teel, the president of Teel Travel Planners. “We have a great team, a great staff, and great fans. But under the circumstances, we haven’t built up to a crescendo. It’s kind of gone in the other direction, unfortunately, as the season progressed.”

Teel says he thinks a lot of fans who already made travel plans for Hawaii will take advantage of the opportunity to see the Beavs play while they’re there.

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