Low Water Levels: Warning for Boaters

VENETA, Ore. — Marinas around Fern Ridge Reservoir are repeating a warning from earlier in the year, that the low water levels could get your boat stuck in the mud.

Lane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue says the reservoir is evaporating quickly.

They say boats are getting stuck in the mud in places they normally wouldn’t.

The marinas warned Wednesday if you have a 4-foot keel you might want to think about pulling your boat out of the water, because the mud could damage it.

“A lot of sail boats have a removable keel that they can pull up and adjust and they should be fine. But a fixed keel boat I would really look at what they want to do if they want to keep their boat in the lake or not,” said Deputy Sheriff, Paul Vitus.

He says the same goes for the Willamette and McKenzie rivers.

There are parts of the river that are starting to show low gravel bars, which are normally late summer indicators.

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