LPSC Burglarized for the Second Time

EUGENE, Ore. –The Lane Pregnancy Support Center was burglarized for the second time over the weekend. The burglary took place at the site of their new medical clinic on 11th Avenue.

Vandals broke a lock on the gated fence and stole $10,000 worth of tools and a trailer. The tools and trailer were property of the contractors, R2S, who were working on the renovation project.

“It’s always disappointing and really discouraging to have people take things that are important to you, but we just keep going and we want to provide services to women in our community and we just do what we can to keep moving forward,” said Beverly Anderson, Executive Director.

This is the nonprofit’s second burglary in three weeks. The first burglary happened at the Lane Pregnancy Support Center located on 13th Avenue. In that incident vandals stole office equipment and supplies.

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  1. jason marks says:

    i”m a contractor and have been one for 27 years,

    Not leaving your tools at the job site or your trailer is class 102,

    you take it right after you learn which end to hit the nail on the hammer with.

    sloppy on the part of the contractor, but outrageous none the less.

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