LRAPA Allows Backyard Burning

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) says the recent rain will allow open backyard burning in some areas of Lane County, starting Wednesday.

LRAPA says generally speaking, the burning season runs from Oct. 1 until Jun. 15, but those dates often fluctuate depending on the weather. For instance, the mostly dry conditions have limited burning this year.

LRAPA Public Affairs Manager Sally Markos says, “We’ve had a lot of fog, cold and strong air inversions, which have kept air quality poor over the last few months, so burning has not been allowed because of air quality.

Though, LRAPA does work with the Lane Fire Defense Board to coordinate when burning is allowed, they come at it from an air quality perspective.

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  1. Miss Jan says:

    It is SO humorous to see the word “allow” used in connection with LRAPA because though this agency says “burning has not been allowed” they do nothing to enforce that edict. Nothing. In fact they are far more likely to sic the County on anyone who complains of a neighbor who violates the burn “ban.” There is no enforcement. Also, the local rural fire departments usually have no idea who to make burn ban violation complaints to. I realize most local rural fire depts are staffed with volunteer firefighters which is wonderful BUT you would think they at least would know where to direct people who want to make an air pollution complaint when the air pollution is caused by someone burning during a ban.

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