LRAPA Gives Possible Cause to Smelly Air

EUGENE, Ore. — Many residents in the Eugene area said they woke up to a bad stench in the air Tuesday morning and are wondering why.

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency says it’s difficult to detect the source of a smell. There are a number of factors that play into why you’d be smelling something suspicious.

The first factor LRAPA takes into account is wind direction. Monday night they measured winds from the north and northwest, which could mean the odor was coming from the direction of the Halsey Paper Mill.

LRAPA leaders say it’s more common to smell odors at night.

“Often times overnight we don’t have any wind and it gets a little bit colder and we get a cold air inversion that traps any odor at ground level. Normally those odors disappear between seven and 10 in the morning because the sun comes up and the wind mixes them out of the area,” said Sally Markos, LRAPA spokeswoman.

Markos says odors aren’t always harmful as long as people are not exposed to them for an extended period of time. She says the same odor that comes from the paper mills are the same odors that come from rotting cabbage.

It’s also more common to smell during the summer because people have their windows open.

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