LRAPA Issues Home Wood Heating Advisory

EUGENE, Ore. — People with breathing problems might have trouble the next few days because of an inversion in the Willamette Valley.

When people start using wood burning stoves for heat, the quality of the air usually suffers, so Lane Regional Air Protection Agency issued a “yellow” home wood heating advisory. This means there’s an unhealthy amount of fine particulate in the air, which is produced by burning wood. It happens during the winter every year, and with the freezing temperatures many people are using wood burning stoves to stay warm.

LRAPA says the air quality is the worst overnight after 6 p.m..

“Overnight air quality went into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category in Eugene. However, when the sun came up and it mixed the sky out a little bit, the pollution levels went down,” said Sally Markos, LRAPA spokesperson.

It’s recommending anyone who doesn’t need to use wood for heat to stop using this heating method until the advisory is lifted.

This cold stagnant weather is expected to stick around for the next few days, so LRAPA expects the advisory to remain in effect until around the middle of next week.

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