LTD Board Approves EmX Extension

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane Transit District Board of Directors approved the plans for the EmX extension into west Eugene.

The decision was affirmed in a 5-to-1 vote. It comes less than two weeks after the Eugene City Council gave its approval.

The proposal is now in the hands of the Federal Transit Administration, which is evaluating public comment.

“Our project is ranked very well and the government has said they would fund it. If we said no to the money, it would go to another community,” said LTD spokesman Andy Vobora.

LTD says based on the way the project is timing out now, west Eugene EmX service could begin in 2017.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a joke really. To report on something that was never in any danger of not being built. On of the members of our company is friends with someone high up in LTD. When this whole controvercy started he said “it doesn’t matter what people want, or what they think. The Emx is going to be built. It is not the people of Eugene’s decision.” Another example of how the government no longer works for the people, the people must do what the government says. There is this countries real problem.

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