LTD Board Voting on EmX Extension

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane Transit District Board of Directors is expected to reaffirm its support for the EmX extension into west Eugene.

The board’s vote comes after the Eugene City Council voted 7-to-1 in favor of the project. It’s a step that’s required as LTD goes after federal funding for the extension.

“I think a lot of folks feel that until the deficit is taken care of on the federal level, we shouldn’t be investing in these projects. Our board’s position on that and the organization’s position is that these are funds that have been dedicated for transportation projects somewhere in the United States. Our project is ranked very well and the government has said they would fund it. If we said no to the money, it would go to another community,” said LTD spokesman Andy Vobora.

LTD says based on the way the project is timing out now, west Eugene EmX service could begin in 2017.

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  1. Christian F. Nielsen says:

    As senior citizen of Eugene for the past fifty years, it is about time that we here in Eugene, got something that resembles a mass transit system!! Cities around the world, and here in the U.S. have had them for decades and the have demonstrated their value in almost every case.
    Remember younger folks, older folks tend to lose their right to drive cars! They need a convenient city transport system. Businesses come and go—-they have short term goals when compared to the life of a city. Businesses need people that can get to them and patronize what they have to offer. Also the baby boomer generation is here and are now those sane senior citizens that need to get around the city —- so younger generation businiss men and women get with it —your valuable streetfront property needs to serve the greater Eugene community and not
    just a limited number of business interests. C.N.

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