LTD Bus Driver Assaulted

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police are looking for the woman who allegedly assaulted an LTD bus driver on Thursday night after he asked her to follow the rules of the bus.

Police say the woman got onto the bus at the intersection of Barger Drive and Golden Garden Street, and shortly afterward punched the bus driver in the face.

When the suspect sat down near the back of the bus, she propped her feet up on the seat in front of her. According to witnesses and the driver, he told her she couldn’t do that.

That’s when she reportedly started yelling at him. He pulled over and told her to get off the bus. She did, but not before punching him in the face on her way out.

LTD says the driver is okay but suffered a cut on his forehead. Managers say the assault of a driver is something they take very seriously and so do Eugene police. Assaulting a bus driver is a felony.

The suspect is around 20 years old, blonde and about 5’7” inches tall.

LTD says it will press charges and the woman will not be allowed back on an LTD bus.

The bus was still on Barger Drive when the woman got off, right after she assaulted the driver. If you recognize her from any of the surveillance photos, call Eugene police.

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