LTD Driver Assaulted on Bus

EUGENE, Ore. — Police are looking for a woman they say assaulted a Lane Transit District bus driver.

It happened Oct. 4 after 7 p.m. The driver says a woman got on the bus near Barger and Golden Gardens and sat in the back and put her feet on the seat in front of her.

When the driver told her to put her feet down, she became aggressive, so the driver pulled the bus over and told the woman to get off the bus. Police say the woman hit the driver on the way out, causing minor injuries.

The woman (pictured below) is described as being white, 19-20 years old, around 5’7” tall with a slim build and blond shoulder-length hair. If you see the suspect, call Officer Sean Kelley at 541-682-5154 x1144.


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  1. iamthe1woody says:

    look how many people comment on this story she is an idiot

  2. Waldrich says:

    Random act of violence; Senseless act of hostility.
    I hope the driver heals in body and mind from the attack of this whatever-she-is.

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