LTD Drivers Race Against One Another

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane Transit District held a rodeo Sunday; but instead of horses and bull riding, the event was all about bus driving.

35 people went head to head, all trying to represent LTD in a national competition. Bus drivers had seven minutes to zigzag through cones, speed through obstacles, and back around corners without knocking down any of the cones.

For these drivers it’s a way to show off the skill-set they use out on the streets.

“It’s a fun event, you know they’re everyday out there driving safely around town and this is just a real fun event for them to challenge their skills, you know through some real tight spots and see how they do against one another,” said Andy Vobora, LTD director of customer service and planning.

Judges lined the course measuring the buses distance from the curbs to tally the precision of the driver during the course.

The national competition will take place next spring in Kansas City.

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