Lundquist College of Business Success

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EUGENE, Ore. — Young entrepreneurs from the University of Oregon are making a splash onto the business scene, challenging well-known companies like Heinz Ketchup and Facebook.

The Portland Business Journal recently featured some companies started by students at UO and the list of entrepreneurs on campus is steadily growing because students say the innovation is never running short.

Students say their classmates all have the same things in common: creativity, passion, and tenacity, which they think is a driving force in success. Professors say their students don’t settle for average. They work hard to go above and beyond.

“There’s a lot of smarts coming out of the school and a lot of innovation coming out of the west coast and those combined, I think puts the University of Oregon as one of the number one schools for entrepreneurship in the nation,” said Jared Magid, a business student.

“We’re hoping to keep that progress going for our students, that they come up with ideas and how to generate that idea and how to make a difference,” said Dr. Frank Veltri, a business professor. “We don’t want to follow the stream. We want to be different.”

Dr. Veltri teaches a class called Entrepreneurial Marketing, which students say teaches key points in how to successfully start a business.

The biggest lesson students say they take away from the business classes is how to differentiate their products while keeping in mind their target markets.

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