Lyons Man Accused in Drug Bust

LINN COUNTY, Ore. — A Lyons man is in jail after a lengthy narcotics investigation.

Donnie Owens faces a number of charges, including delivery and possession of meth.

Linn County deputies say they raided the home the 57-year-old was staying at in Lyons and found marijuana, mushrooms, meth and $7,500 in cash. Deputies also arrested two women.

Four other agencies were involved in the bust.

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  1. Postone says:

    Yeah and now our world is so much safer! NOT! You morons in law enforcement and the powers that be know very well this war on drugs is anything but! We in the U.S. put more people in prison than China, Russia or any other country on this planet! We spend billions of dollars locking up non-violent people and what has it gotten us? It/s cost about a trillion dollars (tax-dollars) since this war on drugs was announced by Nixon 40 years ago. It gives law enforcement jobs and job security, private prisons make money, is supports entire towns who build prisons there, and all related fields! Its get politicians elected to office because we are a nation of lambs who follow and believe what ever law enforcement or the powers that be say!

    Not to mention that law enforcement has not even slowed this drug culture down one bit! The cartels are more powerful than they have ever been. And to boot, law enforcement has been getting their collective arses kicked for decades! They (law enforcement) make NO DIFFERENCE IN THE WAR ON DRUGS! Nothing has changed!

    You can still buy any drug you want in just about any city in this country!

    You would have thought these arrogant, egotistical individuals would have figured this out by now! Or maybe its not about stopping drugs, maybe its about making money off the misery of others!

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