Mail Carriers Rally to Save Post Office

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EUGENE, Ore. — Postal workers across the country rallied to save the United States Postal Service Sunday. Cuts to the postal service include ending Saturday delivery.

Mail carriers said many elderly people rely on the weekend service for medication delivery. So if the deliveries took longer, it could hurt the community.

Dozens of people showed up to the rally in front of the Lane County Courthouse. People carried signs and chanted against the postal service stopping Saturday mail.

Postal workers said the cut would allow for private companies to compete with the USPS for services. Without Saturday delivery, first class and priority mail could take much longer.

“Closing plants, closing post offices, eliminating Saturday delivery, door to door delivery, delaying the mail–it’s outrageous. It’s not necessary. The postal service is not broke,” said Jamie Partridge, a retired mail carrier.

Next year the Gateway Processing Center in Springfield could be shut down. With that shutdown, a letter from Eugene to Springfield would have to go up to Portland for sorting and then come back down to Eugene for delivery.

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