Major Flooding Along Coquille River

COOS COUNTY, Ore. — Heavy rains the past couple of days has caused major flooding and landslides along the Oregon coast. One of the areas most affected is in Coos County, along the Coquille River.

The Coquille River rose above its 21-foot flood stage early Sunday afternoon.

In Coquille, the water had topped its north bank and flooded a park. The owner of the nearby mobile home park says it’s not an uncommon event.

Heavy flooding also filled the land of neighboring farms, getting dangerously close to nearby buildings.

Further up the river near Powers, the river took out the south bound lane of Powers Highway.

“We had the river come up and actually scourer the foot of the road,” said Mark Epps, ODOT Transportation Maintenance Manager for Coos County.

The landslide happened around 3 a.m. Sunday.

“It scoured the toe of the bank down here, and there was a big tree, and it washed out and that created a void,” Epps said.

Crews worked to fill the void and repair the road.

“Godfrey-Yeager, this local contractor came out and they are going to remove to the base. The original rock is down about 30 feet, and they are going to add about 5,000 cubic yards of big rock, and they build it back up and we’ll pave it again,” Epps said.

They plan to finish the project by the end of next week. But this isn’t the only area that ODOT crews have worked on.

“We’ve had a slide on Coos Highway and also a slide on 42 South and also multiple trees down,” Epps said.

But with such strong storms at the beginning of the season, does it make crews concerned of what to come?

“Yes it does. When the land is so saturated with water, then we have the high winds. We’re usually going to have some problems,” Epps said.

But ODOT says it’s prepared.

“We’re on standby 24-7. We’re ready to go. We’re just waiting for something to happen,” Epps said.

The Coquille River at Coquille is expected to remain above flood stage until Thursday.

These are the first storms of the season. We’ll just have to wait and see what else Mother Nature has in store.

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