Making a Difference: Emerenciana Reyes

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EUGENE, Ore. — With school out, the Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley is finding itself with an influx of kids, and they all need mentors.

Because school is out, but parents still work that waiting list for mentees needing a mentor is up to about 30.

The Boys & Girls Club hopes people will heed the call to help.

This week, we feature mentor Travis Bilyeu, a University of Oregon student, and mentee Owen Chinn.

The two bonded over technology, in particular Minecraft and Pokemon games.

But Owen has also had some personal struggles that Travis is guiding him through. And his advice for other mentors out there is spot on.

“As a mentor I found it is not about providing right answers or correct answers it is about providing some answers or just being a friend,” Bilyeu said.

“It is important to have a mentor because some people need help with school and stuff,” Chinn said.

Emerenciana Reyes, or to her friends Ciana, is in need of a mentee. One of her main interests is soccer.

There isn’t a financial committment to be a mentor. The Boys & Girls Club funds the program through donations and fundraising in the committee.

And for parents, all of the mentors are put through an FBI background check.

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