Making a Difference: Jackson Vaughn

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EUGENE, Ore. — Summer at the Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley is a very busy time, and the need for mentors is growing.

This week we introduce you to a match made stronger through athletics, and a young boy just hoping a mentor will make his life’s storyline a little better.

Former University of Oregon football player, Alejandro Maldonado, has traded in football for some little friends. He’s been mentoring at the Boys & Girls Club for some time.

“I feel like we are good role models for them, and that is what we want to implement to them how to build character and be a wise person,” said Maldonado.

He’s helping Trevin McFarland build character as his mentor.

“I just like to play in the gym go out to the park and hang out with Alejandro,” said Trevin.

Another thing Maldonado can help Trevin with is problems at school.

“Sometimes there are mentees with situations. And they will come up to us and approach it, you know, they want to talk about family issues or certain situations that happen at school,” said Maldonado.

There aren’t enough Alejandro Maldonados to go around right now, as 30 children wait for their own mentor. One of them is 5th grader, Jackson Vaughn, who loves to read, play soccer, and video games.

Jackson says he’d like a mentor because he gets lonely sometimes, and also needs help with bullies at school.

If you’d like to help Jackson, click here to volunteer your time.

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