Making A Difference: Raleigh Perko

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EUGENE, Ore. — In less than two weeks kids will be heading back to class for time with their teachers and classmates but this doesn’t mean kids don’t need a little extra mentoring in the off time.

All summer KEZI 9 NEWS has been featuring some great matches at the Boys and Girls Club. The waiting list at the Boys and Girls Club is shrinking but there are still many young ones looking to the community for guidance.

You could say Patrick Petti is an all star mentor. Petti has been volunteering his time at the Boys and Girls club for about a year and has three mentees.
One of those is 8-year-old Xaiden Conavad and he has a long list of things they like to do together. “Soccer, bobble and Wall ball.” said Conavad.

“We like to talk and share our different stories together.” said Petti. We talk about various things always good and positive and try to keep a positive note.” But, there are times when Xaiden says he needs advice on more serious issues.

“We talk about whenever I get angry he helps me he encourages me about stuff.” added Conavad.

“Just someone to talk to it that’s not a teacher, its not a parent, its not a friend or a peer. Sometimes you talk about things that you normally wouldn’t talk about with someone else that they cant or don’t know how to.” said Petti.

So many of the mentors at the Boys and Girls Club have neat backgrounds and insight they can offer these kids. Back in the day Patrick worked for a couple of different bands, you might know them. “Carlos Dantana, Frank Zappa, I did some sound work for them.” added Petti.

One of the reasons Petti has so many mentees, there aren’t enough people offering to become mentors in the community. One of the mentees in need, Raleigh Perko. You may recall we recently featured his sister Sophia Perko who just got a mentor.
He would like the same thing to happen to happen for him for one big reason.

“You know someone to talk to you know when things get a little harder.” added Perko. He wants to be a Veterinarian or a Programming Developer and for now he says he really wants someone to teach him how to strum some better notes.

“It would be really cool to learn more guitar.” added Perko. A plea for a music teacher, mentor and friend. “if you can change the life of a child it is well worth it.” said Petti.

Making a difference by just being there for those moments when these young ones need someone to look up to.

We also have good news to report. Eleven-year-old Mark Whitley who we featured two weeks ago now has a mentor. a lady emailed in after seeing the piece and offered to be his mentor.

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