Man Accused of Invasion of Privacy

Bryan TilleyCORVALLIS, Ore. — Court records reveal that a man accused of taking over his stepdaughter’s social media accounts in Benton County is undergoing mental evaluation in Marion County, where he was arrested for more than a dozen counts of the invasion of personal privacy.

Corvallis Police first arrested 51-year-old Bryan Tilley of Salem on Jan. 17, after they say he hacked his 22-year-old daughter’s social media accounts, tampered with her phone, and illegally entered her Corvallis apartment. They say he poured out a bottle of tequila and slashed one of her roomate’s tires.

Tilley had a status check in the Benton County Circuit Court on Tuesday. Court documents show he is now undergoing a mental evaluation in Marion County, where he was arrested on Jan. 23 for 17 counts of invasion of personal privacy and three counts of burglary in the first degree. Keizer Police say he had set up secret cameras to videotape three females he knew, including a minor. Investigators say between May and September 2013, Tilley illegally entered at least one home to place hidden cameras to record the females inside their bedrooms and bathrooms.  Police say the cameras captured all three females undressed at different times.

The Keizer Police Department is not releasing the victims names and is encouraging any other possible victims to come forward. Anyone with additional information relevant to the investigation is asked to contact Detective Ben Howden by phone at 503-390-3713 Ext. 3525 or by e-mail at howdenb@keizer.org
The Keizer Police Department Incident number is 14-0702.

Tilley will be back in court in Benton County in June, by which time the court expects to have the results for his mental evaluation.

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