Man Allegedly Throws Molotov Cocktail

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say a man high on drugs was arrested Thursday night.

Officers say he tried to start a fire at an apartment complex then fled and crashed into two different cars.

Police said a Eugene man came to the Village Avenue Apartments on Bailey Hill Road and Village Venue and threw a molotov cocktail into a resident’s window.

Investigators say 28-year-old Matthew Devinney knew the residents who lived inside, but police wouldn’t comment on a motive.

Residents were able to put the fire out.

Devinney then left in a rental car and struck a parked car. He drove all the way to downtown Eugene and hit a car in a parking lot on 8th Avenue and Broadway.

“Nobody was injured, but it was a very reckless situation in all–the fact that you’re throwing a molotov cocktail through somebody’s window in their apartment, causing more damage and then leaving intoxicated,” said Sgt. Ryan Molony, Eugene Police Department.

Police determined Devinney was high on drugs when police finally arrested him at his home and took him to the Lane County Jail.

Police say the molotov cocktail did damage the apartment, but the residents exited unharmed.

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