Man Arrested for Driving Through Yards

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EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene residents woke up to a path of destruction Tuesday morning, after a man plowed through their backyards Monday night.

Eugene police say they don’t know what caused Joshua Hudson to allegedly drive through a number of backyards with no regard for what was in his path.

Some people say the scene looks like something out of a movie. Luckily no one was injured. Car parts lie scattered in backyards near 18th and Garfield.

“Obviously he went flying,” said Kevin Smit.

Smit and his friends were watching TV Monday night when police say Hudson barreled through their backyard.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. An airplane crashed on those Westmoreland apartments,'” Smit said.

“I had heard this vrrr and this acceleration and then a boom, boom, boom, and I was like, ‘Oh my God. What is going on?'” said Brittany Powell.

Hudson wasn’t being chased by cops and it’s unclear why he took off, taking with him fences, patio furniture and even a jacuzzi.

“Somebody must have been looking out for me because my propane tank is two feel farther than where he came through,” Powell said.

He landed in the back of Westmoreland Village but officers say he took off running and was arrested at 13th Avenue and Garfield Street.

“The police officer last night said in the 20 years he’s been working for the police department, he’s never seen something as crazy as this,” Powell said.

Hudson faces a laundry list of charges, everything from hit-and-run and criminal mischief to interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest.

Those like Smit are just thankful this reckless ride didn’t end worse.

EPD says there is no indication that drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. Officers still have no idea what made him take off down through the backyards.


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  1. owl be backkkk says:

    There aren’t any squirrels in Springfield because all the nuts are in Eugene.

  2. eugenvoter says:

    I thought it was because the Squirrels were afraid the Meth Heads would eat them.

  3. muggers says:

    Let me guess…… a laundry list of charges, the offender was booked…. then, released due to overcrowding. LOL LOL LOL Eugene deserves this !!!!

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