Man Arrested for Harassment at UO

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EUGENE, Ore. — A disturbing crime on the University of Oregon campus is causing a buzz.

Police have arrested a man on harassment charges, and they think there could be more victims.

University police say three victims reported the incidents happened at the Knight Library. All three women are students at the UO and were all approached by the man on different days throughout October.

After looking at all three reported cases, university police say they were able to identify and arrest 24-year-old Thomas Matthew Jonas.

Investigators say each victim reported Thomas posed as a massage or sports medicine student from Portland and then touched their feet in a disturbing or sexual way.

Police say the library is a safe place, but everyone should always keep an eye out.

“I would say people should be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. People acting strangely, people looking out of place doing anything suspicious–please report that right away,” said Kelly McIver, UO Police Spokesman.

Students say the library doesn’t seem like a place for crime, so when they initially heard about it they were shocked.

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