Man Arrested for Invasion of Privacy

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield man is behind bars for reportedly using cameras to watch people inside their homes.

Springfield police say they found a camera system in Dana Wayne Bishop’s home, as well as extensive amounts of computer hardware.

Bishop faces several counts of invasion of privacy.

Anyone with information about his activities should call the Springfield Police Department.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This man was bailed and is free to return home to the scene of the crime where he has admittedly videoed and is obsessed with a young minor child!

  2. Doc Hunter says:

    What ever happened to journalism?
    A complete story or article contains: WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE & WHEN

    You wouldn’t want to count the incomplete stories in todays edition.

    It is really irritating to read an article that tells you nothing ……. why bother writing
    it in the first place if it contains no information?

    This is an across the entire MEDIA complaint, but I would like to see you make an example
    for the rest to follow.
    Done simply by the following rule: All articles must contain the following to be approved for
    print………. Who — What — Why — Where — When

    You will be amazed at the increased interest from your readers and how bad you will make others in your field appear in contrast.
    Sincerely ………. Doc Hunter

  3. Postone says:

    Amen! I thought I wrote this comment for a second. But I realized I hadn’t … Bravos

    Of course you must realize that the lame stream media only care about themselves. This isn’t about journalism, and its not about integrity, because the lame stream media (in the past three decades or so) doesn’t have either!

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