Man Arrested for Murdering His Mother

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police arrested a man for the death of his mother.

Police say they found the body of 59-year-old Susan Carol Jackson at a home Tuesday while doing a welfare check. And, it wasn’t the first time they went to the home this week.

“Actually we went there twice to be honest with you. We had the day before. A family member had called. Her sister had called to check on her and the car was gone at that time, and they did not make entry. They couldn’t find anything. There was no sign of any forced outside, so they didn’t make entry,” said Sgt. David Lewis, Springfield Police Department

When officers entered the home, they say it didn’t take long to label the case as a homicide.

“The injuries she sustained were obviously. They were traumatic and obviously caused her death and were not self-inflicted,” Lewis said.

Jackson’s 23-year-old son Sean Patrick Kelley quickly became a person of interest. Police say they recently arrested Kelly at his mom’s home for another call.

“That was a domestic violence charge involving him threatening her, and he was arrested and lodged in Lane County Jail. The charges were not filed after that,” Lewis said.

After talking to family members in Springfield and California, police were able to track him down.

“Last night we obtained an arrest warrant for him, before he was picked up in California by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office for us. I’ve got detectives down there now doing follow up,” Lewis said.

The next step is to bring Kelly back to Oregon to face charges in the death of his mother. Police aren’t sure how long it’ll take to get Kelly back to Oregon. It depends on whether he fights extradition or if he’s facing any charges in California for other crimes.

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  1. musicman60 says:

    welfare checks is a way for the govt to enter your home without a warrent yes in some casess it might help but just one more way the govt is takeing away our rights

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