Man Arrested for Murdering Two People

Near EUGENE, Ore.– Lane County deputies have arrested a man for murdering two people just south of Eugene. 36-year-old Johan Stevon Gillette was arrested for killing 73-year-old James Fredrick Gillette and one other person whose name has not yet been released.

Investigators spent nearly 24 hours combing a 650-acre property on Needham Road where the two victims were found Friday night.

Deputies say the property off of Lorane Highway has two homes but multiple dwellings where many people live.
Investigators have not released any information on what happened or the relationship of the people involved. Neighbors believe there could have been a shooting on the property that night.


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  1. Bruce Brooks says:

    so sad to hear this. I’ve known Jim for several years, and feel blessed to call him friend, he was a very generous man and willing to share with pretty much anyone. the world will be lacking with Jim gone.

  2. T Medina says:

    Shouldn’t the article read, ” suspect in double murder arrested?” otherwise it sounds like he has already been convicted.

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