Man Arrested for Paintball Gun Shooting

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EUGENE, Ore. — An unconventional stand-off in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood Sunday landed one man behind bars and two officers injured.

Eugene police officers were called to a dispute and disorderly behavior yesterday at this home near 4th and Monroe. When they arrived a man opened fire on them using 50 rounds from a paintball gun. The paintballs hit them in the chest and head.

Officers say 49-year-old Mitchell Ellingson was intoxicated and out of control when they arrived. Not only was he shooting at the officers, but he was shooting as his own wife. Police say he had modified the gun to fire faster and harder. The officers were able to detain him using rubber bullets and bean bag rounds after negotiations had failed.

“He certainly could have prompted a deadly force response. The officers made good decisions based on what they knew at the time. They took swift, heroic and decisive action to make their neighborhood safe,” said Eugene Police Lt. Doug Mozan.

EPD says neighbors heard Ellingson mention suicide by cop. Both officers suffered minor injuries along with Wellington. The wife was not hit.

Ellingson was treated at a local hospital and then taken to jail. He faces multiple charges including assault on an officer a domestic violence charge and reckless endangering.

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  1. M Skinner says:

    Wow, never seen a paintball gun been used like this before. I know from experience they can hurt too!

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