Man Arrested for Robbery and Kidnapping

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police had their hands full responding to a robbery and kidnapping early Saturday morning.

Police said two men were getting ready to pick up a friend at about 2:30 a.m. at the Sky Box Apartments on Villard Street. They were surprised to find 27-year-old Jeramey Ortega hiding in the back seat. Ortega threatened to shoot if they didn’t listen. Both men were eventually able to get away unharmed.

Resident Maria Walker said, “I was down here last night. I have a car parked here. So for me it’s really scary. So, you know I’ll have to double-check because I wouldn’t know, because I have tinted windows. So I guess now I’ll just have to be extra cautious.”

The initial search with a K-9 unit was fruitless, but police were eventually able to catch Ortega in another car thanks to the detailed description provided by the victims. He was booked into Lane County Jail on several charges including robbery and kidnapping.


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  1. RB says:

    This is why we need to allow concealed carry guns – this scumbag would have gotten the justice he deserved, Now we will waste thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to “understand” and “rehab” this piece of dog crap. Make my day.

  2. Just Bob says:

    That is a lucky dude, if he did that in my car, that would have been his last breath. I carry.

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