Man Arrested for Scaring Customers

EUGENE, Ore. – There were some tense moments at a busy grocery store on Division Street Monday morning. A man wielding a baseball bat and a knife stalked the Fred Meyer parking lot, scaring customers and drawing the police.

Eugene Police say the trouble started when a man came out of his camper around 8:45 a.m. and was swinging a baseball bat. The man frightened customers in the Fred Meyer’s parking lot, and he was asked to leave by the store’s manager. When the man refused, the manager called police.

Police say when they arrived the suspect dropped the bat and knife and complied with them. The man was identified as 54-year-old Timothy Arthur Manning.

“He did use the baseball bat, struck a few items in the parking lot, but did not target any individuals it was only property,” said Sgt. Larry Crompton, Eugene Police Department.

The store manager says customer safety is the store’s number one priority.

EPD says the man may be suffering from some sort of mental condition. He was booked on criminal trespassing charges and taken to the Lane County Jail.

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  1. ahshucks says:

    If the man had a mental problem you would think the police would have taken him to the hospitial first.

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