Man Arrested for Triple Murder Plot

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A traffic stop over the weekend led to a man high on meth admitting to a plot to murder three people in Philomath.

According to a Benton County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, a sheriff’s deputy pulled 33-year-old Anthony Rodrigues over early Saturday morning in Corvallis. The deputy noticed Rodrigues sobbing when he approached the vehicle. When asked what was wrong, Rodrigues confessed that he was driving to Philomath to kill a woman, a man and that woman’s son.

The sheriff’s deputy then noticed a pistol in the back seat. Rodrigues confessed that he had purchased the gun at ACE Buyers in Eugene with the intention of using the weapon to kill the three people.

Deputies say he was also high on meth.

Rodrigues was arrested and is being held at the Benton County Jail on three counts of attempted murder and other charges.

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