Man Burglarizes Springfield Home

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A local couple is replacing many of their belongings after falling victim to a bizarre burglary Saturday. Police say a man who is known as a transient in the area broke almost every single window at the Springfield house. He also destroyed a lot of stuff inside.

Police said the couple moved into the house on Monday. Saturday they came home to find many of the outside windows broken. Then 42 year old Steven Kenneth Wilkinson ran toward the home owner, telling him he needed to leave. Wilkinson ran inside the house and continued throwing tables and furniture out the window.

While ┬ápolice said this is a rare occurrence, they said there isn’t a way to prevent this sort of situation. “It’s so bizarre that there probably is no way to avoid it. I mean this is a nightmare that anyone would have, which would be some person who’s not thinking correctly starts breaking out all the windows of your house and then runs into the house and starts breaking stuff inside,” said Sgt. Rich Charboneau

The Springfield Police Department said damage like this often happens during domestic disputes, but rarely does a stranger come and cause so much damage.

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