Man Cited for Fatal Pedestrian Accident

EUGENE, Ore. — Police cited a Eugene man for hitting a pedestrian who was crossing the street on November 29.

They say 45-year-old Tamara Kay Glenn was crossing the street at West 18th Avenue and Chambers Street when 44-year-old Michael Devon Alston hit her while turning north onto Chambers Street from 18th.

Glenn was taken to the hospital where she died.

Alston was cited for Careless Driving with the addition of Causing the Death of a Vulnerable User of the Public Roadway.


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  1. ron says:

    Sad but I am curious why when the newly retired Springfied fire chief was busted a few days ago for DUI. why wasnt he booked at the jail. I bet had it been me, I’d have been booked.
    Looks like the buddy system at its best

  2. SAB says:

    So, I make that turn every single day going home. The only way he could have been turning is if he had the (protected) green light. She had to have been crossing against the light or outside of the crosswalk. It was tragic, but was he really at fault?

    1. worldmyclassrm says:

      If the car was heading West on 18th – if he turned North onto Chambers, it would have been a right turn.

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