Man Hit by Train, Suffers Leg Injury

EUGENE, Ore. — A man was hit by a train in downtown Eugene Thursday evening, but he is expected to be okay.

Police responded to the intersection of 3rd and Washington to find a man injured on the ground and a Union Pacific train stopped on the tracks.

A witness says the man saw a westbound train coming. Once the train went by, the man started to cross. He didn’t look though, and was hit by an eastbound train.

Police tell us a different story.  “The train backed up and then started going forward and he wasn’t paying close enough attention,” said Sgt. Jason Berreth with the Eugene Police Department. “Seemed like it was a slow moving train and it did make contact with his body. he did suffer some injuries but it doesn’t seem life threatening at this time,” added Berreth.

The victim suffered at least a serious leg injury. The witness who said he’s a friend of the man says the victim is homeless.

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