Man Hospitalized After House Fire

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is in the intensive care unit, after his home caught fire early Wednesday morning.

It was a scary situation for the three men who woke up when smoke and flames filled their house.

When the fire tore through the house, there were tense moments as firefighters searched for one man who went back inside the burning home.

“It was so bad in the hallway. I just had to run and jump out the window, and I grabbed my two pets and threw them out the window,” Morneau said.

“My brother was yelling, ‘Get out! Get out! Fire! Fire!’, and I was crawling,” said Ernesto Martinez.

The three who lived there, including two brothers, initially made it out safe. But Morneau’s chihuahua got spooked and ran back in the burning home, followed by Morneau and Jose Martinez.

“He came and disappeared and we didn’t know what happened to him,” Morneau said.

“He went through a back fence to the neighboring trailer park and was found a block and a half away in someone’s lawn,” said Lance Lighty, Eugene Fire Department Battalion Chief.

Paramedics took Jose to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend for smoke inhalation.

“I went to see him this morning. He’s in ICU,” Ernesto said.

“He is a little delirious,” Morneau said.

“They are both lucky to get out of the house, and I guess the message is once you are out of the house, stay out,” Lighty said.

The house is gone and the dog didn’t make it out. They lost everything. A restoration crew spent most of the day helping the men salvage what they could. It’s putting the men up in a hotel and helping them get back on their feet with some clothes and toiletries.

“In a state like this, it is always traumatic and shocking. So it is difficult to not be in shock at this time, but we just try to lend them a hand and try to help them out the best we can,” said Tom Chesnut from Fire Restoration by McKenzie Taylor.

A weird coincidence–the next door neighbor’s home there caught fire just two years ago, so he, too, was extremely spooked by this fire Tuesday night.

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