Man Impaled by Fence

EUGENE, Ore. — A young man learned a tough lesson Thursday night, police said. As he was trying to run away from a party, they said he ended up with a fence post impaled in his leg.

Eugene police say they responded to noise complaints at an apartment complex near 16th Avenue and High Street. Officers were issuing citations when they were called out to help a young man, who managed to injure himself while trying to avoid getting in trouble.

“The officers have decided not to cite him. The injuries he’s received, he’s at the hospital right now, and ironically he would have been a part of the group let go without a citation if he had stayed there,” said Melinda McLaughlin, EPD Spokeswoman.

Police say in these types of situations, it’s best to just work with the responding officers instead of trying to run away.

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  1. Bill says:

    so why even have the laws then???

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