Man Injured After Crane Falls

EUGENE, Ore. — A man was taken to the hospital after a crane he was working from fell.

Investigators say the man was checking on a cell tower to repair it at 48th and Willamette Street when the crane started to fall.

They say he landed on the ground and was unconscious. He was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown at this time.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.


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  1. Laura Jones says:

    Please update community on fate of the boom operator. The vehicle sits on Willamette street still with yellow tape around it. Flowers and hat, etc. by the pole near the boom. So sad. We are assuming the operator died….but can’t find information anywhere?

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      Laura, the man who fell from a lift Friday night is currently in critical condition. David Huynh was in the basket at 49th Avenue and Willamette Street when the lift toppled over. Police say the weight wasn’t distributed properly on the machine. The 31-year-old is now being treated at OHSU for his injuries.

  2. No Name says:

    He passed away on Aug 23rd. He was on life support for about two weeks before his family made the decision to pull the plug. He leaves behind a young daughter and a fiance. RIP David Huynh

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