Man Sentenced for Abusing UO Students

EUGENE, Ore. — A judge sentenced Christopher Warren Mack Thursday to more than six years in prison after just convicting him of five counts of sex abuse charges on Tuesday.

Mack was charged earlier this year after two University of Oregon international students reported he sexually abused them near campus.

One woman reported Mack attacked her on two separate occasions, grabbing her breasts. The second victim reported the same grabbing, but said Mack also ejaculated on her back after restraining her.

District Attorney Erik Hasselman noted Mack’s history with events like this, claiming his criminal behavior has only escalated and needs to be addressed seriously.

“Seeing that escalation from mere exposure to grabbing a woman and exposing her to that sex act is really the type of warning flag that would cause us to focus in on this person and make sure the intervention is strong enough so that public safety interests are met,” Hasselman said.

Mack’s attorney felt the conviction and sentencing were too severe for the events that occurred.

Mack read a statement apologizing to the women and the court, acknowledging this is a problem he needs help with.

Mack was advised to seek treatment in addition to his sentence.

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  1. LB says:

    My dog has better manners than this guy. Saying he has problems is an understatement, he is a dangerous rapist!

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