Man Sentenced for Deadly Hit-and-Run

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Cottage Grove man was sentenced Tuesday morning for hitting and killing a Dexter volunteer firefighter with his car and fleeing the scene.

Jason Manske, 31, pleaded guilty to several charges. Manske will spend six years and three months in prison for killing 18-year-old Bryson Krissie

Krissie’s family’s says while they are glad the process is over, they don’t think Manske’s sentence is enough to justify taking Krissie’s life.

They family drove 14 hours from Montana to Eugene to watch the killer of their child receive his punishment.

“I’m relieved now that it’s over with, now that are families can start getting the healing process done and over,” said Bryson’s father Thomas Krissie.

In a Lane County courtroom filled with emotion, Manske plead guilty to negligent homicide, hit and run and tampering with evidence.

After admitting to his crimes, Bryson’s father got up to speak directly to Manske, calling him a destroyer and told him that he’d see him in hell.

“Probably sure I’m like every other dad out there that wants to stand up for his child,” Krissie said.

Manske told the court he was deeply remorseful and wishes he could replace his own life for Bryson’s.

“I don’t believe him at all. When my child was laying on the asphalt, he ran. He had a chance to turn himself in. He hid,” Krissie said.

Manske told police he left the scene because he was uninsured and already on probation for drug charges.

There was suspicion that Manske was under the influence at the time he hit Krissie, but it couldn’t be proven since Manske fled the scene. But the prosecutor was able to use those prior drug charges to harshen his sentence.

“Because the defendant also admitted those other aggravating factors, the judge could enhance that sentence and he did so from 26 months to 49 months on that first count–the homicide,” said JoAnn Miller, Lane County Deputy D.A.

But Bryson’s dad says 72 months behind bars still isn’t enough and doesn’t make up the for all the years his son lost.

“The State of Oregon has one of the least punishing sentences for the crime that he’s did on the West Coast. If you kill somebody you don’t belong out on the streets,” Krissie said.

Manske also had his driver’s license suspended for life, has to pay nearly $37,000 in restitution, and will be on post-prison supervision for three years.

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  1. Mary Littau says:

    For what Manske did and honestly what he got. Certainly isn’t enough at all period. And well to bad he wasn’t paying more in restitution and in hopes that the Krissie family see’s a portion of that would be a wonderful thing for the family. My heart goes out to the Krissie Family. They are wonderful people and should never had to have been put thru this ever in their life. And hopefully there will never be a family go thru what they are every day!

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