Man Sentenced for Sex Trafficking

EUGENE, Ore. — The man who pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of a minor will spend more than 10 years in prison.

A federal judge handed down the sentence of 36-year-old Adam Zimmer.

In December 2011, two 15-year-old girls say Zimmer offered them drugs including cocaine and ecstasy. He also told them to work as prostitutes.

Deputies say he later referred to the girls as “prosti-tots” and said they were full service and would do whatever he wanted.


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  1. SSG K D Golay says:

    Well, young man, perhaps justice and your physical presence in prison will wipe that disgusting grin off your face.

    Prison will do that, you know.

    You’ll do every day of it because there is no time taken off in Federal Prison.


  2. anthony brimberry says:

    I think he should be in jail Longer like 30 years INSTED of 10 years

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