Man Surrenders After Standoff

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UPDATE (Sept. 27 at 5:40 p.m.): The Lane County Sheriff’s Office has arrested and lodged 55-year-old Zang for unlawful use of a weapon after Zang shot a firearm in the direction of an Oakridge police officer.

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — A welfare check took an unexpected turn in Oakridge Friday.

Police say when an officer showed up to make contact, the response was a gunshot. The standoff with local law enforcement lasted about two hours.

While some homes had to be evacuated, no one, including the armed man, was hurt. But some wonder what could have caused this to happen.

“This was the last thing any of us would have expected from him because he’s always been quiet,” said neighbor Rosemarie Moore.

Kelly Zang, of Oakridge, was taken into custody around 2 p.m. While in the end, it was done without incident, the whole ordeal wasn’t exactly smooth. Zang’s landlord, Florence Rosenberg, says her last interaction with him left her feeling uneasy.

“We knocked on his door and he just said some nasty words to us my friend and I and slammed the door shut. It was the last I seen him. It’s been about a week,” Rosenberg said.

“The owner wanted to do a welfare check…So she called the police to do a welfare check, and so they went to the door, and when they went to open it, he fired a shot,” Moore said.

That’s when things got a bit more complicated.

“Backup was called from Oregon State Police, Lane County Sheriff’s Office. Lane County Sheriff’s Office responded with an armored personnel carrier that went to the front of the house and hailed the resident out,” said Sgt. Steve French, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Eventually Kang came out and residents were slowly let back into their homes. Though residents were a bit puzzled and uneasy.

“I’m just wondering what triggered it. Seriously,” Moore said.

“I’m just kind of worried about what’s going to happen now,” Rosenberg said.

They’re grateful things didn’t take a turn for the worst.

“I’m just glad nobody got hurt,” Moore said.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office told KEZI 9 News that Zang will remain in the custody of the Oakridge Police Department as they were the first to respond to the matter. The exact charges are pending.

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