Man Surrenders Baby at Dari Mart

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two convenience store clerks are sharing their story about a man who brought in a baby, saying he could no longer take care of it.

The incident happened on Sunday night at the Dari Mart on Barger Drive in Eugene.

Management says the two employees did the right thing by helping the man and baby in need.

“We were getting ready close, doing paperwork, sweeping, mopping, stuff like that,” said Dari Mart employee Jennifer Nix.

It was a typical Sunday night shift until Nix and fellow employee Cindy Yucka say something unusual startled them.

“(A) man came to the door with a baby. He asked us to call 911 and DHS. We were kind of hesitant at first because of the whole, in case of being robbed and stuff,” Nix said.

Nix and Yucka looked at the man’s face, and then they noticed what he was carrying. That’s when they knew they had to act fast.

“It’s cold outside. This man has a baby and he’s crying. Something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong,” Yucka said.

Nix and Yucka say they asked the man questions before handing him the phone to call 911.

“We asked him some questions like ‘Is he the father? Where’s the mom? Is the baby his?’ He said the mother was not willing to take care of the baby at this time and he didn’t have any means of taking care of the baby and wasn’t sure if he was the father or not,” Nix said.

“We held the baby in the store. He called 911. After the phone call, he wrote down the baby’s full name, his name, his telephone number, and said he wanted to wait outside,” Yucka said.

Both say the man then sat outside and waited until authorities arrived and he cooperated. While waiting, Yucka says she checked the baby for any visible harm, but he seemed healthy and slept the whole time. Nix and Yucka say Dari Mart is a safe place and they are glad they were there to help.

“I think anybody would’ve done that. it was the right thing to do,” Yucka said.

Eugene police say they responded to the initial call a little after 11 p.m. on Sunday and have since turned the investigation over to the Department of Human Services. It’s unclear what will happen to the man who surrendered the baby, if anything.


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  1. Sandi Wheelock says:

    Not knowing all the circumstances of course but I hope that this man was given the same help as would be given a woman under the same circumstances…I.e ..safe shelter and the tools to provide the two of them counseling to get back on their feet to provide for this baby. He seems like a good man ….and if he possibly is the father …he should be entitled to assistance just as much as a woman in the same situation.

    1. Jen says:

      Sandi – I totally agree with you. Sounds like the man was at his wits end and didn’t know what else to do. I feel for him and wish I could do something to help. He had the baby’s best interest at heart and clearly was looking out for this child. I truly hope DHS steps up to help this man and baby be reunited and provides for them until the man can get on his feet. This is exactly what DHS was created to do. Hopefully the leeches of the world (i.e. Google Louisiana, EBT and Walmart) haven’t drained the resources and this man and child can go on living a great life. As much as this story tugged at my heart strings, I really needed a story tonight about people who still do the right thing. He could have ditched that baby in a garbage can or abandoned it in the cold. But he clearly loves him and I am so grateful he didn’t do those things.

    2. Aaron Boyce says:

      Thanks for your compassionate viewpoint. I wish you well :) aaron*

  2. Aaron Boyce says:

    Ditto to what Sandi W. said. This was a sad story, and I so hope that this baby and the gentleman that brought him into the store receives any and ALL the help possible. This man was obviously hurting and it seems to have been a quite emotional time for him. He did the right thing (unlike so many others that only thought of themselves). Emotional, Psychological, and Financial Assistance should be afforded this baby and man. And as Sandi W. said, give him the same treatment that you would afford a Woman. We (I) hope you do some follow-up on this story so the authorities don’t put this somewhere on a “back-burner”. Thanx

  3. Hope Pires says:

    My heart breaks reading this story but, I’m so grateful the man did the right thing and surrendered the baby to a safe center. That man should be proud of himself for doing the right thing. I hope he finds out if he is the dad and if so they help him so he can be able to take care of his child. Great job Dari Mart and to the guy. Im glad the baby is safe

  4. Vanessa says:

    What a brave thing to do, and kudos to the clerks that helped someone in a desperate situation.

  5. Bittersweet says:

    That is a position that must be very difficult to be in. How sad :( It’s good to know that he was willing to find help, even if it was a somewhat peculiar way to do so.

  6. CHUCK NELSON says:

    If it is truly a safeplace then nothing should happen to him as this why they were designed with no retribution.

  7. James Wallace says:

    Unfortunately he probably was not given the same help. But thank god he had the courage to do the right thing.

  8. amber wise says:

    very true sandy wheelock i hope he does gey the assistance they need
    many wemon do and he deserves the same treatment

  9. amber says:

    Catholic Community Services has a ‘Young Fathers’ program. Probably who will help him.

  10. Chris says:

    I think this guy did the right thing. I hope DHS will help him get his feet back on the ground and let him get the support he needs to raise this child. That Catholic services sounds like a great thing for him. Praying for him.

    I have to say I don’t have too much faith in DHS. Maybe they will step up to the plate this time.

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