Man Takes a Stand Against Video Game

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Violence in our culture has been brought to the forefront of many American minds after what has happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Now a local man is speaking out about a violent Internet video game.

Springfield resident Nathan Jordan says the game he came across is inappropriate, disturbing and needs to be removed. He struggled with how to react but ultimately believes people need to know about it, which is why he says he called us at KEZI 9 News.

The game involves violence with young children. We found that it’s hosted on a number of websites. On one site, the game has been played nearly 115,000 times. Jordan has e-mailed the White House, Governor Kitzhaber and one website owner who hosts the game. He says many of his friends have now done the same. Jordan is pleading that others will help him get this game and others like it removed by contacting their local leaders and President Obama.

“It’s just disgusting and needs to be taken down, You know it’s a website, yeah, and it’s one little small thing, but it takes small steps to get to the bigger picture of saving the people of America and our children and people in schools and in malls, and if they can see it and they can help, they’re the ones who can stop this from happening,” said Jordan.

He says after such tragic events involving gun violence, this game couldn’t be ignored. As a father himself, he simply wants to prevent anyone from playing or seeing the game, especially with regards to all of those who are involved in the recent shootings in Clackamas and Newtown.


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  1. Diexs2005 says:

    lol… 1 person ALONE takes a stand against a NAMELESS videogame. What a waste of time.

    If he’s talking about GTA, I’M going to take a stand against Nathan Jordan.

  2. Locruid@gmail.com says:

    I have played “Violent” video games for 20 yrs. Never been in trouble with the law, EVER. Both my sons play “violent” video games and neither one been in trouble with the law either.

  3. A. Walker says:

    Its called freedom of speech and nothing should or can be done about it.

  4. Felix says:

    some people just like to have attention. he has had his attention. maybe he can go back to being a faceless nobody now.

  5. Sean says:

    Maybe if parents accualy paid attention to there children instead of leting the computer and tv raise them and talked to them about the consequenses it wouldnt be an issue but parents are too buisy with there own B.S. to properly raise children these days. My kids play violent video games as I did growing up but my wife and I accualy talk with them about what is real and what is fantasy and you can’t just respawn if you die in real life

  6. Doug says:

    This is almost good enough for the onion.com

  7. Thankful says:

    More power to Mr. Jordan. More parents, and moral minded citizens should be concerned and speaking out against not only this game but many more games and Television shows that are totally inappropriate. Many ask what is wrong with the world? Well just look around and look at what are youth are being raised to believe is normal. Seen day in and day out one become numb to these horrors then find nothing wrong with committing then horrors themselves. It becomes acceptable. Youth today do not have a chance unless We Adults have the Nerve To Speak Up and Speak Out as Mr. Jordan. Thank you Nathan Jordan.

  8. sean says:

    The guy is mad of what the game involves. it had to do with kids and that is wrong
    Whats wrong with you people i want the game removed too

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