Man Tries to Steal Laptop

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield police say a man tried to walk out of Best Buy with a laptop he didn’t pay for and told employees he had a gun when they tried to stop him.

An officer saw the man and a woman near the store a few minutes later. He arrested the woman, but the man jumped a fence and ran onto I-5.

“The person knocks on a back door of a house where an older gentleman was living and he let him in, and he said that he was running from somebody because he owed him money, and so then he walks in and sits down and he asks the homeowner to sit down also. So then the homeowner realizes something’s going on,” said Sgt. Rich Charboneau of the Springfield Police Department.

Officers eventually arrested Steven Wheeler, who faces burglary, menacing and trespassing charges.

The woman with him–Aerica Kohler–is also charged with theft.

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